Blog – I.T solutions to help your business face the Cost-of-Living crisis  

The cost of living in the UK has risen dramatically since May, with businesses having to fight the impact of surging inflation rates. PayPal’s Business of Change: Wellness & Empowerment Report 2022 found that more than three quarters (78 per cent) of small businesses cite the rising cost of living to be the biggest threat to their business over the next year ¹.  

The cost of energy is one of the biggest concerns for businesses, with many not wanting to pass on price increases to customers, many of whom already have less disposable income.  According to recent reports, SMEs have faced an average gas bill hike of over 250% in the last year ². Despite the recent introduction of a cap on energy prices for businesses, this may not be enough to prevent permanent scarring to many firms, as those looking to sign new electricity contracts have been quoted prices up to 10 times their current rates. 

In light of these challenges, it is important for organisations to embrace IT energy efficiency principles and practices to remain both productive and competitive in this progressively digital age. 

How can you protect your business? 

Keeping energy usage as low as possible is an easy way to keep overheads down and low power I.T is a fantastic way to help achieve this. Historically, low-power data centre and IT solutions meant a compromise in performance, and this has deterred some consumers, with many IT executives prioritising reliability and security over energy efficiency.  

IT suppliers and vendors have been responding to these challenges by producing more energy-efficient server and IT solutions that don’t provide a trade off in performance, and C4i Sytems along with ADDC are at the forefront of this trend. Their flagship server, the SR-60 disrupts the paradigm of traditional and current data centre construction and operation combining reduced real estate and power requirements, no cooling and air conditioning requirements and vast environmental benefits while providing much greater processing power at greatly reduced through life operating costs. In fact, cooling alone accounts for over 40% of total energy costs in data centres! ³ 

ADDC’s full server range utilise the revolutionary BioDigitalPC®, the first truly credit card sized PC.  It combines super-fast processing and low energy consumption in a tiny footprint that is perfect for mobile operations. The BioDigitalPC® consumes between 5W and 10W of power, 90% less than a regular desktop computer. The combination of the BioDigitalPC® along with the advanced technology of ADDC’s servers really provides maximum energy efficient, and maximum energy cost savings. 

The importance of embracing IT energy efficiency has never been more urgent than it is today, so if you want to discuss how C4i Systems can help your business take the first step towards becoming more energy efficient please contact us.