C4i Systems Collaborates with AnsuR technologies

C4i Systems and AnsuR Technologies are proud to announce their collaborative partnership. This new partnership will see AnsuR Technologies recommend the BioDigitalPC® to implement their ASMIRA software. This allows both companies to broaden the applications of their products and venture into additional market sectors.  

When AnsuR Technologies were looking for a small form factor PC that would expand the potential of their ASMIRA software, the BioDigitalPC® was the perfect fit. The BioDigitalPC® family of computers are a credit card sized computing platform. Super low power, the BioDigitalPC® consumes less than 5W of power whilst still providing all the processing requirements on a scale that is perfect for large data and edge operations. This tiny PC is waterproof, dust-proof, fire resistant with a rugged epoxy coating meaning the BioDigitalPC® can operate in temperatures from -40C to 110C and under nearly 3000G force and function reliably in extreme environmental conditions, utilising the bare minimum of resources.  

The benefits of the BioDigitalPC® complements AnsuR Technologies’ ASMIRA software perfectly. ASMIRA can stream Full HD video at less than 200kbps. The software enables streaming over low bandwidth networks, such as L-Band satellite and other IP networks. With ASMIRA, the receiver of the data controls how the video is sent, and can change parameters such as bit rate, framerate and resolution at any time. ASMIRA offers substantial benefits when communicating video from remote modes like ships, planes, drones or from crisis situations which may experience connectivity and capacity challenges, allowing decision makers and authorised viewers anywhere in the world to see the video. 

The ASMIRA software combined with the BioDigitalPC® creates a fantastic solution that is suitable for a wide number of applications, across all sectors.  The BioDigitalPC® affords the ability to process data at the edge and centralised locations providing the opportunity to access previously unavailable deployment scenarios. 
AnsuR Technologies and C4i Systems will be marketing this solution jointly, so please contact either organisation for further information on our capabilities.