Desktop Reader-M

The BioDigitalPC® Desktop Reader-M has been specifically designed for use with the militarised BioDigitalPC®. This allows HQ users to move their pre-mission planning and applications seamlessly from the HQ to any BioDigtalPC® enabled platform.
The BioDigitalPC® Desktop Reader-M breaks out two USB 2.0 connections, one USB 3.0 connection, a Mini-DisplayPort, a 10/100 Ethernet connection to access the internet, and a power connection. The Desktop Reader-M, in conjuction with the BioDigitalPC® Card, runs on 12VDC at an average power draw of 10W (8W – 10W TPD during normal use).
Its simplicity, very small size, and low power consumption provides convenience and flexibility.
Just insert the BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC™ Card into the connector located in the BioDigitalPC®Desktop Reader-M and it will automatically power up. No need to hit a power switch! The BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC™ Card will boot up whatever operating system the user has installed. The Desktop Reader-M includes a red LED to indicate power to the board. A green LED indicates the BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC™ Card has been inserted.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 135 Length x 100 Width x 43 Height (mm)
  • 12VDC Power Input
  • Red Power LED
  • Green Card Detect LED
  • Input/Output connections include:
    • Two USB 2.0 Connectors
    • One USB 3.0 Connector
    • One Mini-DP Connector (servicing: DP, HDMI, DVI, and VGA)
    • One 10/100 Ethernet connector
    • 12V power connector