Collins Aerospace Systems part of Raytheon Technologies

The partnership between the SCi-Toolset and C4i Systems hardware has allowed Collins Aerospace to provide our capability into new markets and offer existing customers improved solutions to their problems.

Current SCi-Toolset (www.sci-toolset.com) deployments consist of hardware solutions that require an ever-increasing burden on SWaP.  We were looking for a platform that is rapidly deployable, easy to use, scalable with low power consumption. The innovative compute solution that is the BioDigitalPC powered by ADDC addresses all those requirements.

The integration of the C4i Systems infinitely flexible hardware form factor with the SCi-Toolset is a game changing collaboration. It enables both companies to offer unique solutions to our existing customers as we support their operational needs now and in the future. In addition, it allows us to offer a unique solution and provides an opportunity to exploit previously untapped adjacent markets. 

Collins Aerospace recognized it needed to improve its ability to deploy its software solutions by utilizing cutting edge virtualization techniques. The ADDC BioDigitalPC is ideally suited to the applications and the methods we have adopted and presents us with a clear route to those markets. 

The striking SCi-Toolset branded MPM-4 attracts significant attention at trade shows or whenever we are demonstrating our software capabilities to existing and emerging customers. Collins and C4i have recently delivered an MPM-8 with our SCi-Discover capability deployed providing an end to end solution for the UK MOD in their New Style of Information Technology (NSoIT) deployed platforms arena.

Functionality and form factor are crucial aspects when customers are considering procuring new capability or upgrading their existing capabilities, but what is often overlooked is the supportability / sustainability of those systems.  This is where the C4i / ADDC solution provides a key benefit. Compute solutions typically evolve every 12 to 18 months requiring expensive technical refresh and acceptance from our customers. They are unable to take advantage of the technological or performance advancements which may exist in the intervening period. In adopting the BioDigitalPC, supportability becomes much simpler with clearly defined performance roadmaps allied to the consistent form factor. Processors being forward and backward compatible is hugely attractive to customers as they able change the removable BioDigitalPC processing card for the next generation and run a mixed fleet where necessary. The through life costs are reduced considerably as this ability removes the need for expensive redesign of systems and the programmatic and engineering overhead this creates in the requirements capture process. – Cliff Trimble – Business Development Manager