Collaboration with Unitronix brings new deployable screen

C4i recently provided the BioDigitalPC for an exciting new project that our Australian reseller Unitronix have been involved with. Unitronix have a long-standing relationship with VarTech, a market leader in rugged display products.  In discussions with Unitronix and VarTech it was agreed that the introduction of the a removable BioDigitalPC would be game changing. VarTech have now produced such a screen. 

VarTech’s FieldStation is a rugged all-in-one computer system designed to support mission critical field and ground-mobile applications. This man-portable panel computer system is intended specifically for use in rugged military and blue light environments. It can be deployed to support mission operations including access to satellite communication systems, field surveillance, enhanced situational awareness, and target acquisition radar.

VarTech’s All-Weather monitor is a field deployable monitor, is designed for use in damp and dirty weather conditions. When coupled with the All-Weather IP67 design, the BioDigitalPC computer becomes a panel pc powerhouse. This field-deployable panel computer is ready to take on challenges from Industry 4.0 manufacturing to modern battlefield situational aware support. The micro-computer can be quickly swapped or removed and transferred to a desktop PC or server.

Both monitors feature the credit card sized BioDigitalPC® as its removable PC, providing up to 16GB of DDR4 and 512GB or 1 Terabyte of NVMe SSD

For full specifications of the BioDigitalPC please contact C4i Systems, and for more details about each monitor please contact Unitronix.