Meet the reseller…Procomm MMC

Our reseller in France is PROCOMM-MMC, who specialise in the creation of compact militarised systems, sensors and discrete video surveillance equipment to meet the demands of users in the field.

PROCOMM-MMC are an L3HARRIS Tactical Communications unique representative who offer support to customers with the implementation of their communication solutions within any location. Their national and international capacity allows them to meet all telecommunication needs on land, sea and air by offering solutions supporting a variety of telecommunication networks such as optical fibre, ISDN, wired links, 3G, LTE, Radio and Satellite.

With over 30 years of experience, PROCOMM-MMC have the strategic expertise and technical skills to help fit the right C4i product to your requirement providing the perfect solution. The team can provide product information and quotations, customer support and demonstrations within France.