C4i Systems Release C-REACH (MP)

C4i Systems, formally C2UK Ltd, has been awarded a major contract to produce its C-REACH unit in Multi Platform format by a Middle East Special Operations customer. This is the first phase of a major program for C4i Systems which will see its complete delivery later this year.

The smallest in the C-REACH suite, the C-REACH (MP) provides a man portable Beyond Line of Sight system. With a draw of only 10 watts and a wide input range of 9 – 80vDC, this solution is designed for the expeditionary mission.

The inclusion of a single Video and Radio input over an encrypted IP tunnel provides an easy to set up range extension package.Utilising intelligent IP aggregates, C-REACH (MP) requests an IP address from any IP connected network, establishes a highly secure tunnel and then secure data communication can immediately commence.

C-REACH (MP) comes as standard with a single analogue composite video input in conjunction with a single radio input. Options are available for up to 4 radio Inputs which support and for multiple radio products at any one time and for HD/SD-SDI video inputs and associated CoT and meta data feeds.