C2UK is now C4i Systems! 

To better reflect the focus, mission, and offerings of our expanded company, on 1st April 2016, we changed our name from C2UK Limited to C4i Systems Limited.  This decision is as a result of recent of key international successes, our long-term planning and aligned with the expansion of our unique Biodigital PC technology based products and systems.

Our products and solutions address the defence, government, and commercial markets with innovative solutions for the ground, airborne, maritime, public safety, and security domains.  We do this through our understanding of the market drivers and our ability to delivery world leading solutions as a result.  Our headquarters will remain in Hereford, United Kingdom and by 2020 and thereafter our aim is to be the global leader in the sale and distribution of command, control and information management products and services to the military, intelligence and security markets throughout the world.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you as we move forward in this new era as C4i Systems and look forward to your continued support on this journey.