C4i Systems Ltd is partnered with Arnouse Digital Devices Corporation (“ADDC”) arnousedigitaldevices.com and has the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT WORLDWIDE to sell, use and in any other way deal with all ADDC products and technology for the purposes of use in and with products and services which have all or any of the uses, functions and attributes of the C4i Systems Products. C4i Systems also has the EXCLUSIVE right to sell and distribute ADDC products and technologies in Canada, the UK, the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland in all markets.

ADDC technology is integrated into all of our Command, Control, Communications and Computer capabilities, which enables us to provide a complete system solution capable of meeting any need.

Competitive advantages of ADDC technology

  • Patent protected
  • Powerful computing performance from a credit card sized computer minimises physical storage space and weight overheads of providing the highest processing power for all levels of operation and meets all SWaP requirements
  • The solution to excel in Open Source Hardware customising to meet the needs of next generation computing platforms and to extend, enhance and build more sophisticated hardware applications with unified intelligent form factor
  • Extremely rugged and durable-waterproof, dust-proof, fire resistant, covered in epoxy and anodised aluminum and capable of full and reliable operation in the most demanding conditions, including under up to 3000 G-force and TDP temperatures between -40C and 85C
  • Forward and backward compatible, integrating the best new technology on a current basis
  • MTBF of more than five years
  • Extremely low power requirement for full operation – drawing only 5-10 watts per BPC, approximately 90-95% less than an average desktop
  • Plug and play functionality – BPCs are hot swappable and portable thereby reducing the level of technical support at all levels of operation.
  • Reusable – BPCs may be swapped out of a use requiring the highest processing power and into a use which does not, thereby reducing life throughput costs
  • Extremely green and cost effective – even when BPCs need to be disposed of there is minimal waste impact on the environment, and in use both the BPC and MCDC require minimal real estate, power and NO cooling – room temperature suffices.
  • Adaptable to existing infrastructure – with the use of patented desktop readers BPC’s can operate existing systems, contributing to much lower through life upgrade costs
  • Secure to secret standard if required
  • Thin client deployment – provides network services making large client deployments as simple as plugging in another BPC while supporting virtualisation platforms in a scalable architecture
  • Versatility – runs the software needed to allow selection of the combination which best suits an operation’s profile
  • Extremely reduced footprint for host server center in a briefcase-500 BPCs fit in the space of one current server