The ADDC SR-60 disrupts the paradigm of traditional and current data centre construction and operation with extremely reduced real estate and power requirements, no cooling and air conditioning requirements and vast environmental benefits while providing much greater processing power at greatly reduced initial and through life operating costs. Each BioDigitalPC® card is secure FIPs 140-2 Level 3 capable, with on board trusted platform module (TPM) hardware. The    SR-60 comes ready to install out of the box. It is shipped with networking connectors and 4 Bel power supplies that conform to dual redudant power, complying with data center standards. Also available to SR-60 users is the simple to use web based GUI, which provides the ability to effortlessly monitor power distribution (to system and individual modules) as well as management for eachBioDigitalPC® card. Built to fit within standard 19″ rack systems, it is 2U tall, and is composed of 6, SR-10 modules, each module comes with 10 BioDigitalPC® card slots (cards sold separately) and (3) Gigabit NICs. All 30 Gigabit NICs are then connected to a shared managed ethernet switch with 2 SFP+ 10Gb interconnects and an
auxiliary 1 Gb connection. The unit requires zero additional cooling and consumes only 1.8kW of power, making this the world leader in terms of both processor density per U, low power consumption and overall running costs. The SR-60 can be scaled from 1 to 60 servers simply by plugging BioDigitalPC® cards into available slots and configuring them.When completely scaled out, the SR-60 allows for 60 BioDigitalPC® cards containing 60 to 240 CPU cores, 120 to 960 GB of DDR4 RAM, and up to 7.68 TB of onboard SSD storage.

Key Features

  • Size (mm): 89 H x 483 W x 914 D
  • Size Inches: 3.5 H x 19 W x 36 D
  • Weight: Approximately 20.5Kg/45lb
  • Power: AC: 100-240V
  • Holds up to 60 BioDigitialPC® Server Cards:
  • 60-240 CPU cores of processing power 120 - 960GB of DDR4 RAM
  • Up to 7.68TB of onboard SSD storage (expandable)
  • 6 SR-10 Modules
  • (12) 10Gb SFP+
  • Redundant Power Supply, Dual Power Source
  • Remote power management Web GUI
  • Each SR-10 Module includes:
  • (10) BioDigitalPC® Server Cards
  • (1) Integrated Layer 2 switch, which includes:
  • (2) 10Gb SFP+ connections
  • (1) RJ-45 1Gb connection
  • (1) RJ-45 10/100Mbps Switch Web GUI connection
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