The MDC is a portable, briefcase sized, cohesive network between a scalable server cluster.

The MDC-22 provides instant and scalable network application services to field data users in a single robust, energy efficient and mobile unit and can be scaled from one server to 22 complete servers simply by plugging in more BioDigitalPC®’s.

When completely scaled, the MDC allows for 22 BioDigitalPC®’s containing 22 to 88 CPU cores, 44 to 176GB DDR3 RAM, up to 2.8TB of Ultra-Fast SSD storage and up to 12TB optional HDD storage.

For thin client deployment, the MDC can also act as a host unit for provisioning network services in a single self-contained mobile unit, making the tasks of large client deployments as straight forward as plugging in another BPC.

The BioDigitalPC®’s used in the MDC can be hot swapped during operation allowing for upgrades and increased provision of application services to be carried out by non-technical personnel instantly.

The integrated internal battery in the MDC provides up eight hours server uptime and nearly a week of minimal server usage so it can still be used during periods of power outage. The MDC also features a full LCD display and charging status lights for peace of mind.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Patent protected
  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • MTBF of more than five years
  • Ultra compact credit card sized form factor – reduces the storage space and weight overheads of providing the highest processing power for front line information systems
  • Extremely low power requirement for full operation – drawing only 5-10 watts per BioDigitalPC
  • Plug and play functionality – BioDigitalPC®’s are hot swappable and portable thereby reducing the level of technical support at the frontline
  • Reusable – BioDigitalPC®’s may be swapped out a use requiring the highest processing power and into a use which does not thereby reducing life throughput costs
  • Extremely “green” – even when BioDigItalPC®’s need to be disposed of there is minimal waste impact on the environment, and in use both the BioDigitalPC® and MDC require minimal real estate, power and cooling
  • Secure to Becrypt Secret Standard if required
  • Adaptable to existing infrastructure – with the use of patented desktop readers BioDigitalPC®’s can operate existing systems
  • Much lower through life upgrade costs – simply unplug a BioDigitalPC® and replace it with another thereby negating the requirement to replace existing systems and hardware
  • Thin client deployment – supports virtualisation platforms in a scalable architecture
  • Versatility – runs the software needed to allow selection of the combination which best suits a mission profile
  • Extremely reduced footprint for host server centre in a briefcase

Key Features

  • Supply: 12 to 32 VDC
  • Size (mm): 552 x 358 x 226 (W x H x D)
  • Size (Inches): 20.5" x 14.0" x 8.8" (W x H x D)
  • Power: 207W each battery
  • Up to 22 BioDigitialPC®/MobylPC Server Cards
  • 22-88 CPU cores 88 CPU threads
  • 44-176GB DDR3 RAM and up to 2.8TB SSD with up to 12TB HDD (Optional)
  • Up to 8 hours server uptime using integrated battery bank
  • Military Battery UPS System: NSN: 6140-01-553-3527
  • Consists of 4 each Military approved UBI 2590 lithium rechargeable batteries
  • Full LCD displays and charging status lights
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