The smallest in the C-REACH suite, the C-REACH (MP) provides a man portable Beyond line of sight system.

With a draw of only 10 watts and a wide input range of 9 – 80vDC, this solution is designed with the expeditionary mission in mind. The provision of a single video and radio input over an encrypted IP tunnel provides an easy set up range extension package.

Utilising intelligent IP aggregates, C-REACH (MP) requests an IP address from any IP connected network, establishes a highly secure tunnel and enables secure data communication.

C-REACH (MP) comes standard with a single analogue composite video input in conjunction with a single radio input.  Options are available for up to 4 radio inputs at any one time and multiple radio products are supported.  Additionally HD/SD-SDI video inputs and associated CoT and metadata feed options are available.

Key Features

  • C-Reach Manpack
  • Supply Voltage 9 to 80VDC
  • Single Composite Video Input with the following:
  • Up to 30 fps in D1 Resolution (Bandwith dependant)
  • H.264, MPEG-4 AND MJPEG Compression
  • User Access
  • Browser based viewer in conjunction with back end video on demand server
  • Single Radio Input with the following:
  • Multiple Codec support, G.723 5K3 to G.711 µ64K
  • Support for Motorola Wave
  • 1 x WAN Ethernet Port
  • 1 x LAN Ethernet Port