Highly manoeuvrable, dynamic and fully integrated platform solution. Delivering an agile, flexible, and sophisticated C4/ISTAR capability to the modern war-fighter.

The C-QUAD has been designed to provide the user with a highly maneuverable, C4ISTAR capability. Integrated onto the market leading Polaris MV850 ATV platform or any other ATV platform.

C-QUAD can be used to deliver fast, reliable transportation of C4ISTAR assets to hard to reach areas in support of Border Security, Force Protection, Reconnaissance and Surveillance. Fully equipped with the latest BioDigitalPC® technology, the C-QUAD provides a data processing and communications platform. It’s robust and ready for the most demanding user.

C-QUAD can be provided as a fully fitted solution to the MV-850 platform. Alternatively, it can provided as a bespoke Installation Kit (IK) designed to meet the specific configuration requirements of the user.

Data Processing
The C-LITE TAC delivers a fully user interchangeable rugged C2 data processing computing platform for use on tactical military vehicles. C-LITE TAC utilities the BioDigitalPC® which provides a combined fully interchangeable/removable processor and secure storage solution.

The C-QUAD incorporates C4i Systems C-REACH bearer agnostic communication system, which extends the simultaneous distribution of key voice and data communications from the most remote environments. C-REACH is the first communications solution that provides a modular Beyond Line of Site (BLOS)
voice,video and data gateway. Users deployed to the forward edge of operating areas have the ability to communicate mission critical information to tactical and strategic decision makers, without the need to carry or transport additional radios, batteries, chargers or antennas.

Communications and EO Sensor mounting capability

The C-QUAD has a specially designed 3 Metre mast system that can be deployed when static to further enhance the Platform’s capability. The mast is designed so that it can be used to mount various sensor suites to suit the Operational needs of the user.

Infra-Red (IR) Covert Illumination/Driving Light System
The C-NITE IR driving and rear light system provides the user with front and rear illumination. This enables users to operate using Gen Ill NVG goggles and scopes. The front light provides a forward spot beam along with a wider driving beam, with the rear providing illumination the added benefit of also providing an IR brake light.



Key Features

  • C4i Systems Tactical Mission System (TMS) brings all of the capabilities together on one Platform. It can be provided as either a complete vehicle or as an Installation Kit (IK) and is available with the following options:
  • • C-LITE TAC Mission Computer
  • • 12/24 VDC power system for silent watch capabilities
  • • C-NITE covert IR driving/rear light system
  • • Elevated (3 metre) mast Sensor option e.g. Thermal, IR, Day, Radar • MilSpec touchscreen interface
  • • Various tactical communications options e. g. Wide Band Tactical Radio, Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio, Sepura and CoFDM
  • • Strategic rear link communications using SATCOM on the move
  • • GPS positional reporting and tracking system.
  • C-LITE TAC benefits from the following features:
  • • EMC - UK MIL Land Class A
  • • Power - 1275D 12/24 volt Systems
  • • Shock & Vibration - Military vehicle (Off Road) Shock: 35G Crash: 75G
  • • IP67 - Submersion to 1 metre for 30 mins
  • • Independently tested to UK and US Military Standards.
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